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Money Clips

Engraved money clips customize yours today at

Our lightweight engraved money clips will keep your pocket bulk-free and streamlined. Made from black anodized aluminum, with numerous pre-made designs to choose from and the ability to custom engrave for that personalized effect,our engraved money clips are a top seller here at City Locs.

 One thing that sets a high roller apart from his average-joe counterparts is a high class money clip. While most people use wallets to hold their money, the high roller keeps his wad of cash close and snug inside of a money clip. And if he's one of those especially discerning individuals, he'll have several engraved money clips at home to choose from.

 At City Locs, we specialize in the personalization of high quality products. We have top-of-the-line creative artists on standby to give your purchased products that customized effect. Our engraved money clips are no exception and whatever you'd like, whether it be the name of a loved one, a dollar sign, an astrological sign, or some other personalized effect, we can fix you up.

We know you work hard for your money. Why wouldn't you want to keep it safe and sound in one of our personalized engraved money clips?

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