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How It All Began sunglasses and a plan

Recognizing a growing need for custom urban clothing accessories and sunglasses, a couple of innovative thinkers saw an opportunity to drastically reshape an industry that had, for hundreds of years, catered to the elite and well-to-do. Up until that point, inner-city and urban culture found little real expression in the fashion and apparel industry. It was this realization and inspiration that led to the creation of City Locs in 2006.

Widely known as pioneers in the custom urban clothing industry, City Locs was the first major company to begin personalizing sunglasses on a large scale and offering custom sunglasses no minimum. Since their founding, they have been responsible for the creation of personalized designs for many well-known artists, such as Snoop Dog, Ice Cube, Little Rob, Sen Dog (cypress hill), Danny Trejo, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Midget Loco, Down A.K.A. Kilo, and others.

With some of the most creative and talented artists on staff, it did not take Hollywood long to recognize the vast potential of the loc sunglasses, which have been featured in numerous hit T.V. shows like Pit Bulls and Parolees, Pit Boss and many others.

Custom Capabilities to Express Yourself urban clothing achieves a new high.

Regardless where you come from, where you live, what your background is, or the style you call your own, City Locs has a customized solution just for you. Speak your mind with our stylish urban clothing accessories or a pair of customized loc sunglasses.

Many of our customers ask us about our personalizing capabilities and what they can have engraved on their shades. For the most part, the sky is the limit; you want your name, the name of your girlfriend, your city, car club name, or a personalized motto, we can make it happen. However, while we believe in freedom of expression and value your right to fully express yourself, we cannot engrave gang names or signs, so please don’t ask us to.

Mass Distribution & Bulk Orders.

We cater to car clubs, bike clubs, music bands, sporting teams, or any other type of organization or company you might be part of. We have made sunglasses for companies like Joker Brand, Tribal Gear, Hurley, Dr Pepper, 187 Ink and many others or if your a retail outlet  or similar business contact us for more info . As both a distributor and manufacturer, we can meet whatever needs you may have and offer custom sunglasses no minimum.

City Locs also offers special distributor pricing to qualified individuals looking for a business opportunity. For more information, please drop us an email or use the contact form to make your inquiries.

Customer Service and satisfaction is our #1 Priority.

Realizing that repeat customers are the hallmark of a successful business, and satisfied customers are 10 times more likely to return and tell others about us, we have made it a point to always emphasize customer satisfaction above all else. Whether you are buying a single pair of locs sunglasses, or 20 cases of personalized shades, you will always receive the same courteous VIP treatment from the professionals at City Locs.







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