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Face Wraps

If you are in need of stylish and functional face wraps, then CityLocs has you covered! We are now selling our incredible products that will keep you safe, warm, and anonymous. 

To start, our face wraps are made of tough yet soft polyester microfiber. They are durable and are ready to be used everyday. At the same time, they are still remarkably soft and comfortable. Since they’re microfiber, they feel great on your face and skin, and they can also be used to quickly clean your glasses or phone screen. How’s that for multi-use?

Our face wraps are also easy to use. With COVID requirements always changing, it’s nice to have a mask you can keep on you at all times. With our wraps, you can wear them around your neck and pull it over your face when necessary. You won’t have to worry about forgetting your mask with a CityLocs face wrap. 

These face wraps, just like our other accessories, are also great for other kinds of work like wood working or painting. If you don’t want to get all those particles in your sinuses and lungs, just pull up your CityLocs face wrap and you’ll be able to breathe clearly. 

Neck Face Wraps 

Our CityLocs neck face wraps are also a great option if you want a mask that gives you more freedom and flexibility than a standard mask. With our neck wraps, you have multiple different ways you can wear it—it can be a face mask for COVID, a particle mask for work, a neck scarf for cold days, and more. No matter how you like to wear your face wraps, they will give you the options you want. 

And like all CityLocs products, our neck face wraps are not only functional but stylish. At CityLocs, we do not believe in sacrificing looks for function. We do our best to make our products practical and good looking at the same time, and ours are no exception. Like our phone cases, all of these wraps look great and will make you stand out from the crowd (or note depending on the design you choose!)

These neck wraps are also available in a huge selection of designs. We have serape, the Aztec calendar, borracho, and more. No matter what your preferences are, we have a face wrap design for you! Find the design for you and order one today. 

Custom Neck Gaiter 

As you’d expect coming from CityLocs, we also have custom neck gaiter options. You can get a customized face wrap from CityLocs that shows off your style! Our face wraps really are the best out there in terms of style and function. 

A custom neck gaiter is a great option if you are looking at face wraps. Neck gaiters give you more freedom and flexibility in how you want to wear it. A neck gaiter can be used to protect against sunburn on a long day outside, for COVID when out in public, and much more. Our CityLocs custom neck gaiters are perfect for all kinds of daily uses, just like our sunglasses

And remember, you always get high quality products with CityLocs. Our custom neck gaiters are made with polyester microfiber that is durable and soft at the same time. These face wraps are designed to hold up to daily use while also being incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods. Our wraps are perfect for all kinds of uses and are exactly what you’re looking for!

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