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Petite Wallet

The CityLocs team has been working tirelessly to create a slim, attractive, functional, minimalist wallet. The result of our efforts has been incredible—CityLocs petite wallets. We are incredibly excited to share these petite wallets with our customers!

For starters, our petite wallets look great! They are currently available in three designs—classic serape, pink serape, and a floral bird print. They feature the design on the front and high quality leather on the back. These wallets are simple yet stylish and are the perfect accessory for any outfit! 

We believe uniqueness is what makes people special, which is why our petite wallets are customizable. You can get custom text added to any of our petite wallets for no extra charge.

Our petite wallets are slim, so they’ll fit in any jacket or pants pocket. While they may not have as much space as our vice wallets, there’s enough room for the essentials. They are a great minimalist wallet that will keep your cards and cash safe while avoiding cumbersome, traditional wallets.

They also feature a strap that matches your chosen design, adding another layer of functionality to an already great wallet. If you don’t want to carry a purse, don’t have pockets, or want to keep your wallet close at all times, our petite wallets are a perfect solution.

Petite Wallets 

As with all of our products, our petite wallets have been carefully designed by CityLocs’ talented team and are made to be high quality. We do not cut corners and always want to provide top-notch products, and our petite wallets are no exception. 

They are made with high quality leather and stitching, ensuring that they are built to last. Our petite wallets won’t fall apart in a few months like many other slim wallets on the market. This goes for all of our other wallets too. When you purchase a petite wallet, you will be purchasing a reliable and functional wallet that will last you years to come.

And at CityLocs, quality doesn’t come at the cost of looks and functionality. Even though our products are designed to be touch, they are still practical and stylish. The discrete form factor of our petite wallets makes them easy to carry, and our serape designs look beautiful. 

Whether you care about style, form factor, or durability, our petite wallets are exactly what you are looking for. 

Compact Wallets 

Compact wallets have been all the rage lately, and it’s not hard to understand why; traditional wallets are bulky, cumbersome, and can even cause back issues when stored in the back pocket. They are also big and flashy, which conflicts with the tastes of many modern customers.

Compact wallets, like our petite wallets slim wallets, are much lighter and more convenient than classic leather wallets. You can easily throw them in a small purse, front pocket, or other space without issue. 

Our petite wallets have a minimalist design without being too simple or bland. They feature simple yet stylish designs on the front, balanced out with plain, high quality leather on the back. If you are tired of big, bulky, ugly leather wallets, our petite wallets are a perfect choice. They are functional, but still slim and stylish. 

You can trust that our wallets are well made too. We pride ourselves on providing top quality products, and we always strive to create the best products possible. Our petite wallets feature high quality leather, stitching, and construction.

So do yourself a favor, ditch your old wallet, and check out one of our incredible petite wallets. We offer multiple designs and free customization options, so what are you waiting for?

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