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One of a kind personalized flasks.

Next time you’re out for a night on the town and want to show a bit of your own custom style, why not use one of your own personalized flasks by CityLocs? These stylish black, hip flasks are perfect for adding your own personalized touch, like your name or city. Once carried by the elite of privileged society, the hip flask was a sign of affluence and class. Personalized flasks were a symbol of wealth and indicated that the carrier was someone of note.

Today, anyone can own a flask. You don’t have to be an aristocrat to live in style, but with one of our personalized flasks, you’ll certainly be noteworthy and a true original in any crowd, and the next time you’re at a tailgate party and instead of pulling out a bottle, you take a long, deliberate swig from your customized flask, your friends will definitely notice in envy, we guarantee it!

Gone are the days of boring, bulky, ugly bottles of booze. Our personalized flasks are large enough to quench your thirst for hours on end without being bulky or boring! Show your style and class with a custom beautifully engraved hip flask from CityLocs!

Click on the style images below for more info or to order your personalized flask today!

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