Wood Sunglasses by Madera Brand



Wooden sunglasses by Madera comfortable, affordable and stylish.

Here at City Loc’s we are proud to announce our newest line of customizable wooden sunglasses, the Madera family of products. The Madera line brings you more natural and sustainable material for your unique expressions of style while also providing optimal comfort to cutting edge design. Every pair of Madera sunglasses features natural bamboo temples, for your very own set of bamboo sunglasses, that offer you a great opportunity to personalize and make a truly one of a kind fashion statement.

In addition to custom designs, we have an ever growing list of stylish preset designs created by some of the most influential artists and designers working today. Like all of our products, they are made of the highest quality, most fashionable and stylish, and the best sunglasses in terms of quality and style to be offered anywhere to date at such affordable prices.

Fun, creative, and stylish, you are sure to enjoy the sun while expressing your individual style and taste with Madera products that are true examples of designer eyewear at its best. With Madera products you can rest easy knowing you have chosen a unique, cool looking, high quality product, while also investing in a more sustainable future.

The Madera line of wooden sunglasses is an Citylocs original creation. We offer select frame styles  personalized with no minimum and also have larger wholesale quantities available. Don’t forget to check back often as we will be rolling out new frame styles regularly.

And remember, Madera is style sustainable and evolved.