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This Ice Sculptor is the Hottest in Las Vegas

This Ice Sculptor is the Hottest in Las Vegas

“Branding to us is pretty important when we step foot into a venue”

Meet Marcos Villarreal, the founder behind Vegas Iceman, a badass brand that “makes it snow in the desert”.

They make custom ice sculptures for the Las Vegas strip and surrounding areas. The mission behind Vegas Iceman is to create lasting memories in the form of ice.

With open minds, hard work and attention to detail, they shape each experience. They believe every project is a new adventure, and they always hold true to “Passion Over Paycheck”

They make sculptures for everything from Weddings, Quinceaneras, and Anniversaries, and they even do amazing live events!

“We’ve ordered several [hats from CityLocs] and we continue to order.”

Marcos came across CityLocs on Instagram, and knew how powerful a custom license plate hat could be for his brand. He has since ordered several hats for his team, so they can represent the brand wherever they go.

You could say that our hats are a real “icebreaker”!
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