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Robert Garcia Boxing Academy


The Robert Garcia Boxing Academy is not only well-known in Riverside, California where it's located, but it also has a stellar worldwide reputation.

When your gym is responsible for creating World Champions, it's hard to go unnoticed.

Robert Garcia grew up with boxing in his blood. He fought as an armature until the age of 17, when he turned pro.

After he retired from boxing at the age of 26 (and after taking some time away from the sport), he came to help his dad at the boxing gym and started coaching promising athletes.

The rest is history! The gym works with World Champions, and continues to grow. Over the years the gym has amassed an impressive 188k followers on Instagram.


“The hats from CityLocs are something unique and you don’t see often”



The gym decided to order from CityLocs because they wanted something unique they could use to rep the brand. Head into RGBA and you might see one of the trainers or coaches sporting our custom license plate hats!

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