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Platinum Plus Stallions

Platinum Plus Stallions

"Growing up in the city of Los Angeles and having horses... I used it as a tool"
Montrel Montgomery wasn't raised like most kids in urban Los Angeles. In a huge city, most people grew up on lowriders and riding dirt bikes. But Montrel had a different upbringing. Instead of riding dirt bikes, he grew up riding horses.
His father introduced him to horses at the young age of 7, and he purchased his first horse at the age of 12.
He used this upbringing to his advantage, and having such a unique hobby was a way for him to "floss" in the community.
Montrel eventually started running Platinum Plus Stallions, a company that breeds, trains, and sells Tennessee Walking Horses.
"I felt that the hat with the license plate represented who I was, and putting my company name on there would represent me to the fullest."
Montrel likes how the CityLocs license plate hat represents him and his company. He wears his Los Angeles plate hat to rep his brand and get noticed wherever he goes.
Way to Be Your Own Brand, Montrel!
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