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Jimbo Bars - Custom Hat

Kelly Green from Jimbo Bars Took a Chance on CityLocs and He’s Never Looked Back

Backyard’s are for getting together with friends while BBQing delicious eats!

With a custom Jimbo Bar, you can add a fantastic centerpiece to your backyard BBQ for everyone to gather around.

Jimbo Bars is a SoCal business that builds custom indoor & outdoor bars. Jimbo Bars are perfect for entertaining or for your reception area. Kelly Green, owner & operator, brings his original flair to each piece he crafts and always leaves his customers with his best work and a new fun vibe.

Jimbo Bars + CityLocs



A few years ago Kelly saw a CityLocs ad on social media and decided to take a chance on us. He ordered a custom cap with the name of his business, Jimbo Bars.

Kelly loved the quality of our design & style. He wore (and still wears!) his custom hat and immediately realized that he bought more than just a hat.


“Not only is the hat an icebreaker, but it gives me an opportunity to sell my bars”

After getting a ton of compliments on his hat, he realized that he made one of his best investments! He gets to wear a dope custom hat that represents his business and expand his brand awareness.

When you’re wearing an eye-catching custom cap, you’re doing more than making a statement. You’re creating hype around what you do. People love visuals. Our brains work in graphics and pictures. When you’re wearing a custom Snapback with your logo or company name, people remember it.


Long gone are the days of boring brand merch

There’s never been a better opportunity to grow your business through word-of-mouth. Social platforms like TikTok and Instagram are completely FREE. When you’re wearing a custom cap repping your company or business and your audience is sharing your post, more people see your businessname, more people become aware of your brand, and you can make more organic customer connections.

Custom hats are a great gift for those customers that make a big purchase! Gifting a custom hat to partners, employees, or anyone else who has invested in your business is a great way to say “thank you.” Your gift will essentially be a walking billboard.


Customized hats are more than just accessories - They’re the perfect way to express you and your company

Throughout history, human beings have showcased what they’re passionate about through the clothes we wear. We believe that should be an easy process. Finding a unique style shouldn’t be a struggle. We know that you want to customize a hat that stands out, pulls people in, and creates a personal connection.

We uphold the mission to offer unique, fresh, and expressive styles. And we want the accessories you create to reflect Y-O-U and your brand, not hundreds of other people wearing the same thing.

One huge benefit to customizing hats is that they’re affordable. Other accessories or products can become pretty expensive. With a custom cap, you get an affordable product with high value. Plus, hats are a long-lasting product! All of the custom hats from CityLocs are durable and can last through years of wear and tear.


Customize a Statement Piece

Forget a uniform; most businesses are moving towards a more casual dress code. Suits and ties? A thing of the past. Custom hats show off your brand personality while giving your employees a unified look and a community feel.

When you order from CityLocs, you get high-quality, custom caps, with no minimum order, at competitive prices. This is the most wallet-friendly and rapid way to advertise for your brand; even more than digital ads!

Just like Kelly from Jimbo Bars, you can rep your business daily by wearing your custom hat. When it’s as rad as a CityLocs cust tom cap, even your employees will want to rock your merch.


Variety is the spice of life

With loads of styles and designs, you can create a custom hat that’ll have people eyeballing you with curiosity and running up to you to find out what your hat is all about.

You can go super casual and relaxed and customize a Trucker hat or a FlexFit cap. Or you can go for an iconic look that screams “Legend” with a custom Snapback.

Whatever you decide, know that CityLocs is all about high-quality, distinct design, no minimums, fast turn-around, and unmatched service.

Most importantly, with the holidays coming up, customs hats are an easy way to shop for all the employees on your list.

Snag the CityLocs style and design that fits your company best!

License Plate Hats

Different styles, patterns, and custom text options means you can make this hat all yours!

Us State Flag Hats

Three different styles & a unique leather patch gives you tons of options for your custom hat.

Wood Jax Hats

Snapback with a wood veneer patch, this custom cap doesn’t disappoint!

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