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How CityLocs brought business to Jimbo's Bars

How CityLocs brought business to Jimbo's Bars

Business Owners: You know what’s up. You’re intuitive, you know how to run your day, and your product is solid. But what about marketing? What about the thing that makes people say “I want that.”

Most marketing comes out in your ads, or maybe on your company’s social media posts that might be seen, or they might fly right past your customers’ eyes and out into nowhere. But what if you could wear your ads? What if your customers couldn't forget your name because your brand is right in front of them? And what if you looked good doing it? Well, just ask business guru extraordinaire and proprietor of Jimbo Bars, who tried the experiment himself. He bought dope, customizable hats from the good guys here at CityLocs with his brand labeled on the front: JIMBO BARS. And man, did they work. He had new customers the day he wore the hat out in public!

How does this happen?
It’s all about pairing your product, and CityLocs is here to help. With tight hats that always sit comfortably, keep their shape, and clean easy, it’s hard to ignore something that looks so awesome and stays so fresh. Especially when it has your company’s name right on the front. You can choose between multiple types of fonts, license plate styling, and the shape of the border that outlines the letters. You can even put your logo on it instead. We give you options so that you can do the best marketing possible for your products and your business.

Although the team at Jimbo Bars was worried about purchasing some new marketing items at first, he immediately realized that when you take an additional creative step for your company, it can change everything for the better. It other words, it pays you back and then some. We know it can be hard to take a chance on a new idea, especially when it might cost money.


Our entrepreneur even said it himself; he had questions. Could he trust spending extra on advertising when he’s trying to get his business to expand? For a business owner trying to share his brand, what kind of wearable things work the best? Here at CityLocs he got his answer: You can buy branded wearable advertising at an affordable price and they will continue to pay for themselves once your fans start calling for your product after they saw it in public.


These hats are easy to purchase and easy to customize, too. Just check out the Jimbo Bar story in the video above, get inspired, and hop over to the CityLocs HEADWEAR page, where you can choose between plated, embroidered, engraved, image-printed, or artist collaboration hats. If you’re feelin’ trendy, you can even order a sweet beanie with the same option to customize it.


Your images will come out crystal clear, your brand will stand out, and your customers will immediately gain interest. But it doesn’t stop there. You are also helping your company grow because with a CityLocs branded hat, you’ll look saavy every day. If you own a business, you know that each opportunity is a chance to talk it up, sell it, and bring home sales. You also know that if people want to buy from you, you gotta look the part. Now that Jimbo Bars is gaining interest with the help of CityLocs specialized hats, our entrepreneur always wears one. Everywhere he goes. He has tons of different customized headwear styles to keep him dressing on point with a purpose so that his company speaks for itself. And yours can, too.


If the hat thing isn’t quite your game, we have plenty of customizable items to choose from that you can use as a smart marketing tool and icebreaker for your customers to start talking about your business. Whether it’s hats, cell phone cases, t-shirts, sunglasses, or whatever you think is the best thing for your company, if you get it from us, you can trust that your product will be the best professional option to make your company look awesome.


If you have more questions, just listen to Jimbo’s first words when the hats came out of their box: “I saw those hars, and holy smokes!” Really guys, they look that good.  


So get started with fly marketing. Take a new chance on something worth your while, because you know that there’s an art to building a business, and CityLocs is right there with you.


Try our customizable hats for your company today and get ready, results are shipping your way fast.

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