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CityLocs in the Wild: Lenny the Butcher

CityLocs in the Wild: Lenny The Butcher

At CityLocs, we are incredibly proud to see Lenny the Butcher and PNW BEEF repping our products! Though his name may sound scary, Lenny Butcher is an incredibly kind and passionate butcher who serves up some of the best BBQ around. We are looking forward to all the great things coming from Lenny and PNW BEEF. 

For Lenny, CityLocs is a perfect fit. He can get products from us fully customized to show off his business, such as our US license plate hat or Washington state plate hat, all while supporting a business with similar values. And we agree with Lenny—CityLocs, Lenny the Butcher, and PNW BEEF are a great match. 

Both Lenny and CityLocs place an emphasis on providing top-quality products to their community, whether that’s delicious racks of ribs or custom US license plate hats. We don’t settle for subpar products, and neither does Lenny. A quick look at Lenny’s instagram and it’s not hard to see that Lenny does not cut corners when it comes to his food. Just like our custom image hats, Lenny lovingly and painstakingly creates incredible food that will leave you wanting more (if you aren’t already stuffed!)

That’s why Lenny is the perfect person to be proudly wearing a custom Washington state plate hat; he is just as passionate and caring about his business as we are. Though our hats won’t fill your stomach, they will certainly leave you satisfied with your purchase. Our custom hats all look great and are bound to turn heads when you walk down the street. For businesses, our custom work hats or US license plate hats can be a great way to rep your business while looking great and supporting a great company.

Lenny Butcher and PNW BEEF

For Lenny, his story with food goes all the way back to the beginning. Lenny was raised by his grandparents in Eagle Pass, Texas. They were migrant workers, working hard all over the country to support their family. And while doing so, Lenny’s grandmother cooked up incredible food that inspired Lenny to become a chef. 

Now, Lenny runs his own business and proudly represents it with one of our custom products—a Washington state plate hat customized to show off his business and partnership with PNW BEEF.  Lenny can be seen wearing this hat all the time, and it’s easy to see why. Our custom hats look great and are a remarkably effective way to market your business. 

Lenny’s cooking is all about quality, community, and family, which is why it was a no brainer to work PNW BEEF. PNW BEEF is a family owned and operated business that provides high quality, sustainable, local, pasture raised beef. Just like him, they are passionate about their community, and our custom tumblers and US license plate hats are the perfect way to show that off. 

Just like Lenny choosing PNW BEEF, choosing CityLocs for products that represent his business made total sense. We are also a company that places an emphasis on quality, community, and family. Our products are made with our community and customers in mind, so our offerings are sure to satisfy. We use only the best materials and manufacturers to ensure that our products are durable and dependable. 

When you choose a CityLocs product like a personalized sign or Washington state plate hat, you know that you are buying a top-notch product that will look great for years to come. While Lenny’s food may not last years, it is sure to be just as satisfying as our stylish US license plate hats or other products.  

Family and Community

CityLocs, Lenny the Butcher, and PNW BEEF all agree that there’s more to business than making money. We all believe that our friends, family, and communities are more important than anything else. At CityLocs, we do as much as we possibly can to give back to the communities we came from—whether it be by doing fundraisers or offering products like our US license plate hats or custom phone cases that are made with the community in mind—Lenny the Butcher and PNW BEEF are no different. 

Lenny can often be found doing local events for his community, like cooking up incredible food for the troops or providing food for local events. His passion and commitment extends to his choice to work with PNW BEEF. PNW BEEF is a family owned and operated beef business with a focus on sustainable, local, pasture raised beef. Our Washington state plate hats are perfect for Lenny and PNW BEEF since they allow them to showcase the state they are proud to live in. In working with PNW BEEF, Lenny is choosing a meat provider that is working to ensure our planet is livable for generations to come. 

CityLocs Washington state plate hat

And that’s exactly why CityLocs and Lenny are such a perfect fit for each other—we are both genuinely passionate about our communities and doing what we can to help them. Since our products are made with the community in mind, Lenny and other customers can be confident that our US license plate hats and vice wallets are built to last.  

We make our products for our community, and we want them to get the best products possible. That’s why we put lots of work into every part of our products. From the materials to the constriction to the designs, we make sure that our customers will be completely satisfied with our products. When you choose a Washington state plate hat or custom shirt, you know it’s high quality. 

Unique and Effective Marketing

For brands as unique and down-to-earth as Lenny the Butcher and PNW BEEF, you need marketing that's just as unique and down-to-earth. Internet ads, print ads, billboards, and the like may help gain fans, but they often come across as soulless—which is the exact opposite of what authentic brands like Lenny the Butcher and PNW BEEF need. Not to mention that conventional marketing costs can very quickly add up, especially if done on a regular basis. Thankfully, that’s where CityLocs comes in. 

Our products, like our custom US license plate hats, are the perfect way to advertise your business. When a customers buys one of our personalized hats with your logo or catchphrase on it, they serve as a walking billboard for your business. Everywhere they go, people will see their incredibly stylish hat or other merch and ask about it, gaining your business notoriety and fans. It’s not hard to see why Lenny the Butcher is such a fan of our Washington state plate hats; they are an ideal way to market a business like his and PNW BEEF. 

License Plate Hat

Unlike traditional marketing, custom visors or hats are affordable. With CityLocs products, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars marketing your business. Purchasing some of our custom products for your business is much more affordable. And best of all, we don’t have purchase requirements for our custom US license plate hats or other products. No matter how few or many products you need, we are happy to help you. 

Custom Visors

Instead of doing the same old marketing year after year, switch it up and try out some custom CityLocs products. Whether you want custom phone cases, custom sunglasses, or something else, we are ready to help you get the custom products you are looking for to market your business. 

Custom Gear

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