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Dia De Los Muertos is coming and we have some new styles to celebrate with.

We recently wrote about one of our great folk artist heroes, Jose Guadalupe Posada, who helped to inspire the Mexican Revolution with his political satires and was also responsible for revolutionizing Mexican folk art with what is now referred to as the Dia de los Muertos style. In honor of the memory of Jose Posada, City Locs is proud to introduce a new addition to our collection of artistic engraved flasks: the day of the dead girl  Dia de los Muertos flask design.

We looked all over Los Angeles and the surrounding areas for tattoo artists with the vision to create something worthy of the father of this style of Mexican folk art and, as chance would have it, we were lucky enough to find several great artists, including Chris Lowks, a talented young tattoo artist with the vision and flair of the great master himself.

After tossing some ideas around, we came up with a lot great designs for new engraved flasks. For now, we're pleased to be releasing the sugar skull design, but hope to have several new engraved flasks up for sale real soon.

Be sure to check back on a regular basis or subscribe to our blog to get updates automatically as they happen. We have some great talent on board and we think you'll be pleased with what we have in store for the near future!

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