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10 Funny customized license plates you have to see for yourself

10 Funny customized license plates you have to see for yourself

There are some of us that like to customize our wheels, our shoes, and even our hats (we can help with that one), and there are others that give people a good laugh with their customized license plate. Yes, we’re talking about the funny license plates that turn heads everywhere they appear. We all love to see a funny customized license plate during our drive.

You know, the ones that stop you on your tracks and force you to slow down so your passenger can take a picture of it. Right now you’re probably picturing the last funny license plate that made you laugh. What did it say? They make driving through traffic somewhat enjoyable.

Wouldn’t we all like to customize our license plate. But then you start thinking about the long lines at the DMV, and you give it a second thought. Sure, it might be worth at the end of it all, but first, you have to stand in line in front of Arturo who keeps coughing every five minutes. Or Susan who keeps blowing her nose and sneezing behind you. You look at the clock and feel like an eternity has passed by, but the clock must be broken because the hands on it aren’t moving at all. You wonder if customizing your license plate is even worth it.

Then you think about the fun you’re going to have when people look at your creation. People think how creative you are when you own something customized. Two hours later you arrive at the counter where a lady with a careless glare looks at you and asks you what you want. You look around the counter, and everyone seems like they don’t want to be there. At least you made it to the counter, but then the DMV lady tells you there’s paperwork missing from your application. That means you have to go home pick up your paperwork and do the process ALL over again. Are we exaggerating? We don’t think so. We’re not saying it isn't possible, but not without a good ole’ fight.

The good news is that while you prepare all your documents for the DMV, you can still get your customized fix here at Even if you don’t want to customize a funny license plate, but still want the enjoyment of owning something customized we have our customizable Leather Vanity Plate Hat. You can get your hat to match any US State state you’re in and Mexico too. You can make them as funny as you want. Customizing your Leather Vanity Plate Hat with us is easier than standing in line at the DMV. The best part is you won’t have to speak with the “friendly” man or the lady at the counter. It only takes three steps to purchase your customized leather vanity plate hat. The first step is to choose your state hat. Then you type in your custom text. Lastly, you choose your hat style. Bam! Next thing you know, you’ve got yourself a custom leather vanity plate hat.

In the meantime, we rounded up 10 of the funniest license plates we found online. Feel free to add them to your growing collection inside your phone camera roll. Our list keeps growing.

  1. 0TURDS

We give props to this plumber who thought creatively about their funny license plate. It’s related to the job but also gives you trust that they will get the job done. Next time you have a restroom issue you know who to call. They surely got more toilet projects after they customized their license plate.

Via ebaumsworld




This might be a license plate fit for your sister, always blaming you for passing air. How does that saying go? He who smelt it dealt it. It’s not good to make assumptions, but this driver might like blaming others for their own faults. If you see them driving around stay away.

  1. DRUNK


We can only hope this person is playing a joke on everyone. Their driving better be the opposite of drunk. But we will take a good joke as long as everyone is safe. Imagine the face of the DMV worker that had to process this funny license plate. Maybe they laughed...or maybe they didn’t.


  1. L0L GAS


Driving a Tesla might make you think you’re better than gas. As for the rest of us, we aren’t laughing at the prices of gas, but we will let the ones that can do it. If this driver from Texas wanted a matching hat to go with their license plate they could get it



Your mom

Surely this driver from Nevada has the best your momma jokes. It looks like they’re ready for a match. Who’s up for it? We take your momma jokes seriously. Your momma...


  1.  EATTHE

Eat the

Just in case you were wondering who to eat first. This driver from Colorado pointed out to eat the kids first. We wouldn’t want to be their child! What happened to the stickers parents used to put on their cars when children got honor roll? Seems times are changing.


  1.  IDK L0L


We’re surprised this driver from Arizona went through the DMV process of getting their customized license plate and still end up not knowing. We’re all a bit confused sometimes. Or maybe they are fans of texting lingo. We will accept that.

  1. 0 KIDS

0 Kids

This driver from Texas wants you to know he or she has zero kids and is proud, in case anybody wanted to know. They’re most likely single and ready to mingle. We hear you loud and clear person with no children.




It can feel that way when you own a small car. We get it. However, it seems that this driver from New Jersey is okay with being cramped and are sticking by their car. Props to them.

Via Pinterest

  1. R ULOST

R ULost

If you are lost, this driver from Connecticut can help you find your way. Or they might lose you more than you first were. The choice is yours.

Via Pinterest

Learn more about our customizable Leather Vanity Plate Hat options. Tag us on social media #citylocsbrand so we can see your creations!

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