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Blue Agave Snapback Custom

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Our talented artist crafted a hand-drawn pattern inspired by the unique blue agave plants from Jalisco, Mexico. The blue agave has been used for hundreds of years to make Tequila. But no need to be a tequila aficionado to fall in love with this smooth-looking custom hat. You just might find yourself mesmerized by the deep blue tones and rugged good looks of the Blue Agave Snapback. This is a must-have for all hat Collectors or enthusiasts. This hat is already unique, but by adding a custom name it will really set you apart from the rest. Also Available as a Blank
  • Bold Blue Agave Design: This hat is a statement on its own. The strength of the agave spikes and the power of the piña to go along with the perfect blend of colors highlighted by the beauty of the unique metallic agave-blue. Damn this thing has style!  

  • Tequila Inspiration: The history of tequila and its blue agave origins provided our designer with a sense of tradition, strength, and classic looks to go along with a splash of modern sleekness and bold style.  

  • Make It One of a Kind: Not only is the boldness of the blue agave plant and the rugged good looks of the piña already an attention-getter, but imagine this baby with your own name on the agave-patterned leather patch. Enough said!  

  • Put Your Drinking hat On: Whether you’re out for a night on the town to enjoy a few tequila-inspired drinks or enjoying some backyard chillin’ with family and friends over a shot or two (or three), the Blue Agave Snapback will definitely set the mood. Salud!  

  • Quality Tradition: In the spirit of the traditions of the blue agave plant, CityLocs strives to bring the same quality to our custom Blue Agave Snapback. We set 

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