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Popular sunglasses smooth sleek, SLIK style shades at

For all you slick fellas out there, City Locs has something special, just for you: a pair of our SLIK style shades, featuring ultra-dark lenses, an ultra-fine look and that ultra-sleek design that makes this style one of our most popular sunglasses to date and leaves no doubt you’re one of the elite.
We know first impressions are important and that coming back from a bad first impression is almost impossible. That is why we designed these highly popular sunglasses. The SLIKs take the guess work out of character assessment, and guarantee your first impression will always be top notch.
When you walk or cruise down the street with a pair of these popular sunglasses on , everyone knows where you stand. Feel the stares of envy and admiration when folks realize you’re sporting a pair of SLIK shades.
You put a lot of thought into your clothes, your ride and those you choose to associate with. Why should your sunglasses be any different? Don’t get caught wearing un – popular sunglasses when you could have SLIKs.
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