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Cool sunglasses custom personalize yours today at

City Locs is proud to present one of the original styles of cool sunglasses for men: the OG style of mens sunglasses, classy, stylish and cool.

Our OG men's sunglasses are the pinnacle and one of the originator's of West Coast style and class. Whether you are cruising in your ride, relaxing on the beach or bar b queuing with your family and friends, these cool sunglasses are the one accessory you can’t do without! It’s important to always look your best, because style counts!

At City Locs we recognize the importance of image, style and class. That is why we carry so many different types of cool sunglasses. But if you are looking for a versatile pair of stylish men's sunglasses that can safely be worn weather your staying casual or dressing to impress, look no further than these cool sunglasses!  The OG style shades feature a sleek clean design that originated in the mid 1970's and that was made popular in the late 80's by the originators of the West Coast rap sound and low-riding and graffiti scenes If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for man, look no further than our OG men's sunglasses classic, classy and original; we guarantee he won’t be disappointed!

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