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Shades sunglasses hundreds of styles to choose from at 


If you’re looking for stylish shades sunglasses specifically suitable for customizations, look no further than our GSTs. These classic shades sunglasses have thicker temples, allowing for larger custom lettering, engravings. We realize it can be difficult fitting all that class and suaveness onto standard sized temples; that’s why we’re offering these ultra-thick temples on our GST shades sunglasses.

But that’s not all; our designers took out all the stops with the GSTs, creating a wide range of looks and feels. For the native Angelino, we have our “LA” style shades sunglasses; for those of you concerned with things like equality and social justice, we have the original “Che” Guevara sunglasses; wanna let the world know you’re all about “Money Power Respect”, we got you covered!

At City Locs, we understand the importance of personal expression. That’s why we make sure to not just offer pre-templated shades sunglasses, but to provide you with blank templates as well. With our many styles of shades sunglasses, you can pick a pair that suits you, or you can let your creative juices flow and come up with a completely unique expression of your own that we can custom engrave for you.

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