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Loc sunglasses new school style with old school class at

A stylish pair of loc sunglasses with a new school wrap-around look, our CRUZ shades are the perfect gift for the person who frequently steps outside of the box. Combining style and class, these loc sunglasses have a unique look that is sure to set you apart from the rest.

In life, the people we remember the most are the innovators, those with the courage to not fit in. Innovators know where they stand and don’t need to be like everyone else to feel important. They value individuality and, above all else, self-expression. These loc sunglasses are for the innovator in all of us. They are classy, stylish and on the verge of trendy, but with their new school feel and unique wrap-around look, our CRUZ loc sunglasses completely break the mold.

At City Locs, we value individuality and self-expression, which is why we created the CRUZ style shades.Which are perfect for you to personalize with custom engraving an make all your own. Why settle for being average when you can be an innovator with these loc sunglasses?  Buy our CRUZ shades and let City Locs help you to break the mold!

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