Company Hats

If you’re anything like us, your business means everything to you. You invest your time, your money -- and the blood, sweat and tears that make your business successful. You alone assume the risks associated with being a business owner, without any guarantee of rewards. You spend countless hours figuring out how to give your customers maximum value in minimum time and when you do, they love you for it. And they reward you with … More sales, referrals, and life-long customers. We know where you’re coming from; we’re building our business just like you are. What if there were a way to get people you already know (and who you already pay) to covertly sell your brand to their friends, family, and even random strangers they interact with throughout the day?  Your own personal army of “Branding Foot Soldiers.” You can! Those people are your employees -- and if you scratch their backs, they'll scratch yours. Give them something they’ll be proud to wear and they’ll tell the world! Our fully customized City Locs hats are the perfect way to get your employees to consistently promote your brand without being pushy salespeople.  Imagine the genius of it!  Put these stylish hats on their heads and they’ll appreciate your effort -- we guarantee it.  Sure, they’ll be happy to wear them to work, but we’re willing to bet that the quality and style of these hats alone will have them sporting your brand almost everywhere else -- to ballgames, the grocery store, movie theaters … and wherever else they go.  And that’s what you want -- brand exposure!