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Sunglasses for woman, the newest trendy sunglasses at

Nothing says elegance quite like these stylish sunglasses for women. Featuring extra large lenses, diamond accents on each of the temples and your choice of tortoise, zebra or black, hese seriously  trendy sunglasses are the epitome of style and grace.

You’ve heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. With two beautifully set diamond accents, these special sun glasses for women are guaranteed to set you apart. With a pair of our SQTs not only will you be stylish sexy and cool , youll be extra safe from the sun’s damaging rays!

Because while the enlarged lenses are definitely stylish and feminine, they also offer a degree of UV protection not available in many other types of trendy sunglasses.  

Over the years, we have developed many different styles of sun glasses for women, some more popular and trendy than others. While we considered all of them to be very  trendy sunglasses, not all of them could be called designer and certainly not all of them could be considered masterpieces.

With our SQT style sun glasses for women, we can proudly say they’re a designer masterpiece worthy of any womans beauty,these are truly trendy sunglasses that look like they fell straight off the pages of any fashion magazine.