Aztec Calendar Phone Case

$ 24.99


CityLocs cell phone cases are a great way to express yourself and protect your cell phone investment. These cases come in a variety of art styles and fit a wide range of the most popular cell phone models.

This design features a classic Aztec calendar. The Aztec calendar or Tonalpohualli dates back thousands of years. And is a central fixture in the Aztecs way of life. This design is recognized around the world and symbolizes Aztec culture, art and History. And has lasted hundreds of years longer than the Aztec society it represents.

These cases come with the durable designs engraved directly into the wood. We take great care and put in a lot of work and craftsmanship to ensure the design lasts as long as possible. In addition to our superior engraving method every case is also sealed to help keep your phone clean and looking fresh. Each case also includes a durable rubber housing with an extended lip to help protect your smart phones delicate screen from scratches and cracks.