The sound of meat on the grill whispering in your ear; vapor taking over your nostrils and the taste of birria playing with your tongue. You start making googly eyes at Teddy Vasquez, the owner of Teddy’s Red Tacos. You think you’ve fallen in love but then you realise you’re just experiencing his delicious birria tacos, topped with his special red salsa. If you’re from LA and love tacos you’ve probably had Teddy’s Red Tacos. He has earned a following of 81k and counting on his Instagram page. His followers probably drool every time he posts a taco photo (we do). His loyal fans  simply won’t stop talking about the brand. Teddy Vasquez created a lovable brand that turned customers into loyal clients through hard work and dedication. 

Teddy Vasquez started selling tasty tacos at bar pop-ups in the beginning. Teddy’s Red Tacos then moved on to a taco truck and now his very own restaurant. His delicious tacos quickly grew a following and there was no turning back. If you haven’t been to his taco truck or restaurant we dare you to Google the name Teddy’s Red Tacos. A full page of articles noting his brand as a “sensation” and “LA’s treasure” come up. The man was featured in a 30-second spot by ESPN Deportes during this year’s Super Bowl, proudly wearing his California CityLocs customized leather vanity plate hat. We can all agree only hustle and grind can get you those mentions and opportunities. Suddenly the impossible seems within arms reach if you hustle for it.


We all hear success stories often at the peak of a hustler’s career. What we don’t see are the behind the scenes and years of hard work it takes to get there. Teddy Vasquez didn’t start as a success, he started at step #1 just like everyone else. He was willing to put in the work that’s now gotten him to where he is. Sometimes that first step is setting our ego aside and willing to learn and listen. Teddy Vasquez took lessons from his friend in Tijuana who showed him the ropes before starting the business. “I was pretty down and depressed. I called my friend down in TJ. He taught me the business. He taught me how to cook, he taught me pretty much everything. I was out there several months, learning, and observing everything.” Vasquez took that time in Tijuana to perfect the craft of making tacos. We can all agree that the risk paid off. “I was motivated and trying to do something different,” said Vasquez. He moved back to LA until he felt he was ready to try the taco business for himself.  

Vasquez tested his creations with the public by offering free samples at first. He started gaining confidence after people began complimenting him on the taste. Even though he was low on cash, he didn’t use that as an excuse not to start a small stand with his mom and brother. “I was excited about the dream. I thought, if other people have done it, why not me?” We’re glad you went for it Teddy.


What brand are you hustlin’ to build?

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We would like to congratulate our friend Teddy Vasquez on his successes with his delicious  Teddy's Red Tacos. Catch his Super Bowl Commercial this Sunday on ESPN Español. We are honored to make his Teddy's Red Tacos custom License plate hats.