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loteria cards "EL BORACHO" wood print

loteria cards "EL BORACHO" wood print

Do you remember going to family parties and playing La Loteria? I loved playing it with the family, getting really into it your fingers on your beans ready to place them once you heard the words “La Mano” because it’s the last one you need before you announce your win. That was always the hardest part trying to figure out who got it first cause you and three other people screamed “Loteria!” at the same time.

Sometimes it even went into the “No I was first” or “Tramposo” territory no matter what we always had a smile on our face. Loteria is a game I hold close to my heart I never had a bad time playing it even when I did lose I won in the quality time department.

When there was down time between games I asked my cousins which loteria cards they think best resembled them. I remember to this day my cousin said, “La Rosa because I’m B E A U T I F U L and so are you mija” I felt so complimented. Then she turned around and said “And tio would be el borracho, mira la barriga it’s full of beer!”  He wasn’t flattered by the comparison but we all still had a laugh over it. There’s probably one person in your family that you can compare to ‘El Borracho’ too we all know that family member we all know and love beer belly and all.

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