Labor Day past, present and future at

Labor Day past, present and future at

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     For those of you who thought Labor Day was just another day off to enjoy a car show or cold one and another hot dog on the grill as you say "goodbye" to the dog days of summer: 

Labor Day is the national holiday that acknowledges and celebrates the contributions of the laborer to our society. 

     Labor Day first became a national holiday in 1894. It was then that the United States Federal government officially made, what otherwise had been celebrated by various towns, counties, and states for 10 years throughout the country, an official holiday. Without the working man's and woman's efforts to secure the liberties that we know today, i.e.: holidays, benefits, short work hours, vacations, sick leave, etc, etc, our world would be a different place today. 
     With the importance of the holiday on our minds, and as we get ready to celebrate, we would like to take this time to pay homage to all the working men and women who work alongside us, and to all you out there who wake up each day to put your best foot forward to earn your keep. And to those who came before us

     Thank you for all that you have done to make sure that our futures shine brightly. Without your hard work and dedication, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor that we have today. Not only do we admire your efforts to overcome the obstacles and challenges that you conquered for our betterment, we are forever grateful.

     We also would like to send a special shout out to the Whole Family and manufacturing team as we move forward it all wouldn't be possible without you.

From all of us here at to all of you and yours we wish you a safe fun and family friendly weekend.

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