Halloweens in two Weeks is your costume ready yet



The night of ghoulish adventures and merriment is just around the corner. Are you ready? We are.  If not, go grab some discounted candy for all the kiddos and the adults on your block who still enjoy trick-o-treating (you know who we’re talking about), and participate in the fun. Whether you plan a night of bar and club hauntings, cemetery crawls, or other thrilling activities, have fun. And as always, play safely.

And don't forget there still time to grab that custom Hat or Sunglasses to really make that costume original.

Keep your eyes peeled for any ghosts or ghouls that are lolly gagging around. And stay posted here cause were gonna have our list of the top 5 haunted events here in so cal.


Thanks for always choosing Citylocs.com as your first choice in customized accesories, hats and sunglasses. From the whole Citylocs.com team.

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