#1 The Shining -Snow,Ski slopes, a haunted hotel and ghosts in furry animal suits.

#1 The Shining

And now for the one you've all been waiting for our number one all time hands down favorite horror movie is ?

#1 The Shining
Stephen King's piece de la resistance. A real haunted hotel inspired this flick that follows one family's unbelievable experience as evil spirits take over the mind of one of the members of the family driving him mad and into a killing frenzy. All alone and stranded in a Mountain hideaway being tormented in the middle of a battle between good and evil spirits doing battle for a families lives.

We hope you've enjoyed our top six horror movies for this Halloween season and we look forward to seeing you all out there knocking my on doors and trick or treating from house to house so be safe out there and don't forget to take your flashlights we wish you the safest sanest most fun happy Halloween ever

From all of us to all of you guys and ghouls have a good one and don't have too much fun we'll see you back here real soon thanks again for always choosing citylocs.com from the whole citylocs team TRICK OR TREAT.

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