Citylocs annual Labor Day Sale 2015 !!!!


Once again September is here and another summer is coming to a close as we quickly move into the swing of Fall. Before you know it well be dressing up in costumes and trick or treating, eating turkey, and buying one of a kind personalized gifts from Labor Day is here and were all looking forward to the long weekend and looking back at another great summer full of fun and laughs.

     We want to say thank you to all the workers of this nation that help to make this country so great and one of a kind. Labor Day is the one day a year everyone shows pride and appreciation for the american workforce. Here at Citylocs on this holiday weekend we want to say an extra special thank you to all of our team members who have helped grow and make or products and services the best they can possibly be. We take a lot of pride in our team members and hope you and your team members do too.

     We know that a lot of times having a strong relationship with those you work with is important as we all spend so much time together being productive. So this Labor Day weekend take pride in what has made our society great look around and say a thanks for all the unsung American heroes of the US workforce. Whether its the lunch lady at the local elementary school, the fireman saving lives, the nurse or the doctor or the lonely guy writing blogs of appreciation.

Summers almost over but there is still plenty of time for fun. Get out enjoy these last few breaths of fresh summer air.

This weekend well be out at the Ventura Nationals 2015 Car Show selling our wares. If you'll be visiting the show keep an eye out for us and come by and visit our booth and say hi.

We hope your summer was as amazing as ours was and we hope you have an amazing
Labor Day weekend don't forget  the coupon code above to save an extra 20% this weekend on any and all orders.

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Thanks again for always choosing for all your custom accessories and sunglasses needs.

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