Best Beaches in America as picked by

Its no secret here at were always looking for a great excuse to wear some custom sunglasses or to get it an have some fun in the sun. We love the sunshine the waves the soft ocean breezes not to mention the good looking people. Weve put together a short list of our 3 favorite beaches as chosen by us here on the team.

      There were a whole lot to choose from and we used the strictest criteria for choosing our winners like which beaches were the most fun the proportions of bikini models to surfer dudes and downright which beach looked best in selfies with our products. So take a second to sit back and check out our list of the top 3 beaches in the USA for 2015.

# 3 - Venice Beach, California


    Venice beach is less about the water and more about enjoying the sunshine walking along the boardwalk enjoying the freaks and eccentrics. Always a great adventure it is a mecca for art and expression in the sunshine we've done many special video exclusives over the years here its one of our favorite places to be.

# 2 - Miami Beach, Florida


     Miami Beach need we say more why is Miami beach number 2 on our list Miami Beach thats why. The home of some of the worlds most beautiful people and some of the most beautiful waters anywhere in the world Miami beach is a sure fire way to have fun.

# 1 - Huntington Beach, California

     Literally surf city USA Huntington Beach besides being some of the most beautiful sands in the world is a mecca for the Surfer set. We can actually be found many weekends year round walking the pier or up main street wearing our Locs or Wooden Sunglasses by Madera.

     We want to thank you for coming by and seeing our list of top three beaches in the USA as chosen by we hope your summer is starting out great and we look forward to seeing you out there soon.

     Thanks again from the whole team keep it real and don't forget your Citylocs shades.

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