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     As we roll fast into summer and on this great holiday weekend we know a lot of our friends, family and customers will be getting outside in the sun and hitting some awesome coasters. Father's Day is a great excuse to get out and have some theme park fun.

     We've compiled our list of top 3 theme / amusement parks we love to visit. And don't forget to get your personalized sunglasses here at and pack some suntan lotion also to be able to maximize your outdoor comfort in the sun. So as you get out this summer remember to have fun and keep it safe and make sure to take extra special care of Dad he deserves it.

So without further ado here is the top three lists of Citylocs favorite theme parks and why we love em.

# 3 Six Flags Magic Mountain ( CA )

     Six flags Magic Mountain a mecca for roller coaster enthusiasts anywhere it boasts some of the most death defying fastest and most revolutionary rides anywhere. Six Flags Magic Mountain is light on the themeing but still heavy on the fun. Located just north of Los Angeles it is centrally located mere minutes from the beach or mountains it offers much more than just thrills. That's why Six Flags Magic Mountain makes our list the insane good times we've had there and the just absurd amount of thrill rides packed into one space


# 2 Schlitterbahn Water Park (TX)


     Technically a waterpark / resort Schlitterbahn Water Park also offers some of America's best and most unapologetic thrill rides anywhere in the world. And besides the name says it all this park is the Schlitterbahn. This Park offers everything from high thrill water coaster combos to surfing and maxing out getting some sun on the beach for sure don't forget to get some custom locs shades for this fun trip. Located not to far from Houston TX this is a thrill not to be missed.

#1 Disneyland / California adventure resort Anaheim (CA)

If you have never hear of Disneyland you shouldn't be reading this. Disneyland the ultimate theme park was designed by non other than master animation magnate and film innovator Walt Disney. Celebrating its 60th anniversary this summer and for the whole remainder of 2015 it is an originator not to be missed. offering some of the most detailed and totally immersive attractions / thrill rides the devil is in the details. Disneyland not only wrote the book o theme park design and management they pressed the paper.

We hope you liked our top 3 list of theme parks in the U.S. and we hope you have a great time out there this father's day and no matter what you do make the best of it and take care of each other.

From all of us here to all of you and yours thanks for always chooseing for all of your needs.Well see you at disneyland have a good time and dont forget teh custom sunglasses from

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