Virgen de guadalupe a lasting symbol and icon lives on at

The image of the virgen de guadalupe is recognized the world over and is most associated with the latin American societies of North and South America. And specifically Mexico City, Mexico. This image has been reproduced numerous times and appears on countless products. The history of the image as we see and recognize it is rooted in colonial mexico. And the events of  December, 9, 1531 involving A native Juan Diego and an occurrence of  religious iconography.Most recently in modern times the image has come to symbolize the identity of modern hispanic North and South American cultures.

We honor the image of  the virgen de guadalupe on many of our products. Above you see an example of the image on our GST frame one of our most popular stock designs to date.No matter what your personal beliefs the virgen de guadalupe has come to symbolize mexican identity and the expression of a set of core beliefs.

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