Cell Phone Cases By Madera Made With High Quality Engraved Wood.

Recently here at Citylocs.com we have started offering a new line of Wooden Smart Phone cases for a wide variety of cell phone models, types and styles. These Phone Cases can be customized and also come in a wide variety of pre designed artwork. These cool phone cases are available in over 20 different styles and designs to choose from.


Not only are these cases stylish they are also highly functional and serve the special purpose of protecting your cell phone investment. They feature a high quality wood outside face displaying either your additional custom engraving or one of our predetermined styles ( The Aztec Calendar design displayed above).They are constructed of industrial grade high impact plastics. To ensure the security and protection of your expensive Android or Iphone devices.They also feature an extended lip to protect your devices screen from being scratched or cracked.

These cell phone cases really get the job done. They look great and give you an opportunity to express yourself with your single most used device.

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