Christmas is coming but theres still time to order your gifts for christmas delivery.

Christmas is coming fast and were sure you're running around like a crazy little elf buying wreaths,trees, orrnaments and gifts. There’s still time to order those one of a kind and personalized gifts for pre christmas delivery from We make it easy to order and with our new order processing system we are more efficient than ever. We've invested countless hours to be able to get your gifts out early so you can rest assured it gets there to be under the tree on christmas morning.

December 18th is the last day to order to be able to ensure pre christmas delivery. Why drive to the local mall and choose from what gifts they have left. And wait in line hoping your friend or loved one will like what you found. When you can get a cup of hot cocoa and sit down next to the fireplace and visit Browse through one of the largest selections of customizable designer eyewear anywhere.Its easier to order than ever.

Recently we've expanded our offerings and have options for everyone in the family. Whether they want some custom old school OG Locs or a classy cool pair of Wood Madera brand sunglasses here at we have many styles to choose from. And like always we offer our custom sunglasses no minimum.

And on all orders over $40.00 or more we offer free shipping for domestic delivery ** some restrictions may apply **.

Thanks again for chooseing for all of your custom eyewear needs. And dont forget to sign up and subscribe to the right to be addd to our exclussive newsletter to be able to get notified of all of our upcoming special features event coverage and special discounts coming up.

Thanks again from all of us to all of you we hope your holiday season is the best ever.

And we look forward to seeing you back soon


Merry Christmas from the whole Citylocs team.

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