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 Bandanas custom one of a kind bandanas and headbands at

Custom bandanas by city Locs are a great way to show your pride whether hanging out by the pool out at a  barbecue with some friends and family or just hanging out at the gym getting your daily work out.These aren't just your plain old regular Rag with old outdated designs. these aren't cheap Rags either  these are top quality custom personalized 100 % cotton bandanas you won't find a better or more original headband or bandanna anywhere else.

Bandannas have been an urban clothing staple for longer than anyone can remember and in generations past they were a way for people to identify with their city their club or crew but back then they were limited to only an expression of color now with city locs custom bandannas they allow you to personalize these bandannas and headbands to a whole new level of originality.

whether it's a blue bandanna or a red bandanna showing off your car clubs name or maybe a cool black bandanna with your motorcycle clubs name on it you can even get a cute pink bandanna for the little ones on the cheerleading squad making it better than ever and possible for you to set yourself apart from the pack.

Click the bandana images above to check out the styles available and to get more information about ordering the Bandana that fits your one of a kind style. Use our user friendly online ordering system to place your order today. choose the style you like give us your one of a kind custom name or info. and we'll customize and create your special bandana as quick as possible. And dont forget once you've  completed this order to go back and get a pair of city locs sunglasses to match.